Sunday, May 27, 2007

Entry for May 27, 2007

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Ai b\u1ea3o l\u00e0 Pink Floyd ch\u1ec9 c\u00f3 Roger Waters m\u1edbi vi\u1ebft b\u00e0i h\u00e1t hay? Poles Apart, A Great Day for Freedom, High Hopes, Coming Back into Life... c\u1ee7a David Gilmour \u0111\u1ec1u r\u1ea5t tuy\u1ec7t, h\u00e0i h\u00f2a trong c\u1ea3 nh\u1ea1c v\u00e0 l\u1eddi. Nghe nh\u1ea1c trong album Division Bell, c\u00f3 l\u1ebd th\u00edch nh\u1ea5t l\u00e0 khi t\u1eaft \u0111\u00e8n, nh\u1eafm m\u1eaft, \u0111\u1ec3 gi\u1ecdng h\u00e1t c\u1ee7a David Gilmour v\u00e0 ti\u1ebfng nh\u1ea1c lan t\u1ecfa nh\u01b0 ti\u1ebfng th\u1edf d\u00e0i, nh\u01b0 m\u1ed9t l\u1eddi t\u1ef1 s\u1ef1 tr\u1ea7m bu\u1ed3n. Kh\u00f4ng g\u00f3c c\u1ea1nh, c\u00f4 \u0111\u01a1n v\u00e0 chua x\u00f3t t\u1edbi m\u1ee9c \u0111au \u0111\u1edbn nh\u01b0 The Wall hay The Final Cut th\u1eddi c\u1ee7a Roger Waters, The Division Bell gi\u1ed1ng nh\u01b0 ti\u1ebfng th\u1edf d\u00e0i trong \u0111\u00eam v\u1eafng. Kh\u00f4ng ph\u1ea3i ti\u1ebfng k\u00eau th\u00e9t c\u1ee7a ni\u1ec1m c\u00f4 \u0111\u01a1n tuy\u1ec7t v\u1ecdng m\u00e0 l\u00e0 ti\u1ebfng th\u1edf d\u00e0i c\u1ee7a khao kh\u00e1t h\u00e0n g\u1eafn, c\u1ee7a m\u1ed9t n\u1ed7i ni\u1ec1m c\u00f4 \u0111\u01a1n nh\u01b0ng tha thi\u1ebft k\u1ebft n\u1ed1i v\u1edbi cu\u1ed9c \u0111\u1eddi. \u0110ang nghe ti\u1ebfng \u0111\u00e0n intro trong Coming Back into Life, sao m\u00e0 ng\u1ecdt ng\u00e0o th\u1ebf! Nh\u01b0ng nghe Pink Floyd c\u0169ng c\u00f3 c\u00e1i nguy hi\u1ec3m, n\u00f3 d\u1ec5 khi\u1ebfn ta y\u00eau s\u1ef1 c\u00f4 \u0111\u01a1n.

A Great Day For Freedom

Pink Floyd

On the day the wall came down
They threw the locks onto the ground
And with glasses high we raised a cry for freedom had arrived
And on the day the wall came down
The ship of fools had finally run aground
Promises lit up the night like paper doves in flight

I dreamed you had left my side
No warmth not even pride remained
And even though you needed me
It was clear that I could not do a thing for you

Now life devalues day by day
As friends and neighbours turn away
And there's a change that, even with regret, cannot be undone

Now frontiers shift like desert sands
As nations wash their bloodied hands
Of loyalty, of history in shades of grey

I woke to the sound of drums
The music played, the morning sun streamed in
I turned and I looked at you
And all but the bitter residue slipped away... slipped away

\"B\u00ean s\u00f4ng chi\u1ec1u m\u01b0a t\u1edbi\/ B\u00ean ta c\u1ee5m kh\u00f3i r\u1eddi\/ Nghe b\u00ean ng\u00e0y n\u1eafng m\u1edbi\/ Em \u0111i b\u1eb1ng b\u01b0\u1edbc ch\u00e2n vui\"");To view this multimedia content, please enable Javascript.

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