Monday, October 23, 2006

Entry for October 23, 2006

1. The Boondock Saints: What a lame movie. I can't believe it gets a respectable 7.7 at IMDB. And with over 30,000 voters! How bad taste moviegoers can have. Totally a Tarantino ripped-off, lame, weird, pointless, brainless and not funny at all.
I rather like violent movies: the weird ones by Tarantino, the crime ones by Scorsese and Brian De Palma and even some "punk" movies like Kids, Bullies by Larry Clark. But this ridiculous macho piece of trash is surely not in my taste- I had to fast-forward it most of the time.
2. No spitting, please, we are Chinese

"Chinese tour guide Li Weiwei, who works with China International Travel Service in Beijing, has enough examples.
'They take photos when there are signs that say no photography, touch things when signs say do not touch. They spit, talk loudly, litter,' she said. 'Even if we tell them not to, they don't listen.'
Tellingly, the committee cited some Chinese tourists' lack of concern for appearance, hygiene, courtesy, the law, the environment and public infrastructure, as damaging 'the image of China as a civilised country' and generating 'widespread attention and criticism domestically and overseas'."


  1. But yes, taste varies, and changes and interchanges blah blah blah...

  2. Hihi, honey, no offence, but now you know how I feel when I read those "adorable" pieces by Le Hoang and people who wrote like him. It's so much worse than any stupid piece by anyone less famous. They tried to show that they care about the topics; but most of the times, I don't see their care, I only see someone trying to have an "adorable" opinion about something. And that's what makes me mad - the pretence and all.

    I hate so many movies that people found them "adorable" or "fabulous". People say it's the matter of taste. Well, taste is only one thing. And many times, I think it's just a quick and easy answer for something more serious, which I won't say what - but again, people seem to be trained to think that being serious is a crime!

    Forgive me for being aggressive. I am going nuts editing TF. 700 pages huhu. Feel free to shoot me!

  3. Honey, I don't see that some little jokes are "adorable" in any sense :P.
    Yeah, I agree that they may be pretending but to me, pretence is not a crime. Most (or perhaps all) of us are pretending in one time or another, in one way or another.
    And being serious is not a crime, but being serious in EVERYTHING is a burden :P
    Goodluck to your editing. I'm looking to when it is published ;).

    @Hoaianh: I know your taste is changing, from modern to post-modern taste :P

  4. Pretence is not a crime (to some), but it's kitsch (to some). And too much kitsch is disgusting (to me).

    About TF: I am both frustrated and excited. More excited than frustrated hihi.

  5. I hope I didn't give you much frustration :D.

  6. No, no, it's not you. Not anyone. It's me. But I am way more excited than frustrated.