Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oscar Nominations

My rank for five Oscar nominations:

1. Crash: Interesting and powerful.

2. Capote: Interesting though somehow boring.

3. Munich: Have good ideas with some good part but overlong, unrealistic and overt-sentimental.

4. Brokeback Mountain: Nice cinematography, good acting but boring and tear-jerking.

5. Good Night and Good Luck: So so movie, good but nothing new. I like the cinematography though.


Top 5 actresses you rather spend the night with (instead of your wife/darling :D)?

Acknowledgement: Idea stolen from today20 :P

My list:

1. Monica Bellucci: sooo sexy.

2.  Sophie Marceau: exotic and elegant.

3.  Kim Bassinger : go to see "9 and 1/2 weeks" and "The door in the floor" and see how she drives men. 

4. Angeline Jolie:  sensual lips and nice breast.

5.  Maggie Chung: Asian exotic beauty, yeah, exotic even for Asians like me.


  1. Wow nice list ^_^ i will check it out for myself, thanks buddy!!

  2. Hmmm, each time stealing my idea, at list you can put an acknowledgment in your post.

  3. Hihi, acknowledgement roi :p.