Monday, March 13, 2006

The Last Supper

We had a Farewell Party for a guy in our Minnesota gang last night. He is an active and dynamic lawyer, who is  popular among our group, with both the young undergrads and the grads, (the big difference between two groups is that one enjoy talking about funs, love and sex while the other's interests are politics, work and errr sex). He's leaving the ten thousand- lake state to either Vietnam or Washington DC.

This photo is called by a friend as "The Last Supper". Yeah, it truly resembles the well-known painting by Da Vinci ;). I hope he will not be sold for three bucks (he deserves more, definitely). Farewell and Good luck.

We had some fun last night with an incredible large number people. There were almost 40  Vietnamese people last night, most are students  and half of them less than 21 years old, the legal age for alcohol drinking in US. So they were all law breakers last night. The youngsters were wild, bold lively,  very eager and experimental on some wild sex games, (hehe, not what you imagine, just some sex Q&As though some of the questions were rather gross).  Yet, somehow, I prefer if these questions are asked and answered in the context of one man and one nice woman and a bottle of excellent wine and 2 CDs of smooth jazz and some candles and a good sofa and some... Well, I'm joking ;)

Anyway, it's fun. I enjoy meeting and chatting with some "old' friends and seeing some pretty young (girl) faces.  Well, and I don' mind some dirty jokes too.


  1. Yeah, I like the sex game (is it kinda card game) very much. Once I wanted to buy it as a birthday gift but the receiver couple didn't like. So bad :(

  2. You did not answer your question anh [-x

  3. @Hieu: It's kind of spinning bottle game. You spin the bottle and when it point to someone, this person must answer one question posed by the others. And of course, it's sex question.
    @Peny: That question is not well-asked enough for me to answer :P.

  4. I was enjoying " the context of one man..." but see it's interesting to play that card game Hieu refered to. :D How did u play with it, btw? :p

  5. haha how can you criticize our game as gross anh Linh? Anyhow u didn't join nor answer any question, so that doesn't count :D Next time def. you'll be on stage!

  6. Hmm, so bad I prefered "The apprentice" :P fell in luv with the guy Bill who won at the 1st serie.
    Anyway you can give me the sex card game for my next b-day bro. Remember to pick the extremely dirty one j/j ;)

    Anh Linh, which kind of quiz was not well-asked enough for u to answer?

  7. this lawyer co phai anh Hoang ko vay? Neu phai thi pls send my congrats to him, for being such a "active and dynamic lawyer" !!!

  8. Uh, dung la Hoang. O tren co hi`nh ma :P
    I think you can send your congrads directly to him ;)