Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chinese ban on Wikipedia?

1. It's hard to believe!!! Chinese ban on Wikipedia 

What a fucking crazy thing to do. I wonder if our government might imitate the Chinese in the near future.

2. Đào tạo tiến sĩ: Những chuyện chỉ có ở Việt Nam 

3. Science's 10 Most Beautiful Experiments 

4. Quote: "We are in the period of darkness between the gods that have vanished and the god that has not come" - Heidegger cited Holderlin


  1. Yeah, and I was just let known today that Vietnam banned blogspot! A step closer to set firewalls on wiki, I guess!

  2. Some ISPs in VN already firewalled Blogger months ago. If our government bans Wikipedia, that would be the ... last drop to the cup for me x(

  3. Is it true that in Hanoi, you can't have access to blogspot while you can do it in Saigon?
    Yet, somehow I can understand (but not sympathize) with the rationale of banning blogspot but the idea of banning Wikipedia is simply super crazy, stupid and irreponsible.

  4. It is a normal thing to do!
    Be careful with your stuff on Yahoo!The G gonna imitate and install the same system made in China.
    All made in China-crazy!
    RFA had to publish an article that teaches people how to get through firewall!
    No talawas,no even VOA,no Blogs except yahoo 360,so be careful!
    Saigon is freer but only in office or international organization, no exception for home-installed net users. All are blocked!

  5. Chac la khong den noi chan wiki o VN dau, bác Dang Minh Tuan dang lap nhom viki co* mà! Do^' dua nao cha(.n duoc cua bác í! ;)

  6. Wiki voi Viki cung khong co lien quan may, co chang chi la ve y' tuong.
    Ma nhu the lai cang co ly do de chan Wiki lai, "bao ho san xuat trong nuoc, khuyen khich phat trien cac nganh cong nghiep non tre" :D

  7. Hí hí, chí lí quá :-D Mình cũng thấy buồn cười về chuyện này, thế giới đã có Wiki, có cả trang tiếng Việt rồi mà sao vẫn có người ở VN muốn re-invent the wheel chứ :( Cứ làm như vậy đâm ra dù ko muốn cũng phải nghi ngờ cái động cơ của họ.