Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Sign compatibility

Sagittarius (23 November - 21 December)

Traditional Sagittarius Traits

  • Optimistic and freedom-loving
  • Jovial and good-humored
  • Honest and straightforward
  • Intellectual and philosophical
  • Blindly optimistic and careless
  • Irresponsible and superficial
  • Tactless and restless


  • Working with animals, sports, publishing, travel, foreign languages, the legal profession, nursing, and alternative religions


  • Being tied down

Suitable Careers

  • Scientist, writer, sociologist, charity worker, astrologer, astronomer, archaeologist, industrial worker, radiographer, inventor, or a career in the Air Force

General Compatibility

With Sign If you are Male If you are Female
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I'm most compatible with Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Sagitattarius. Aries is number one but I'm not sure if I know any Aries girl!


  1. Em Aries nao ma dinh lay anh Linh thi phai chú ý la`anh í khong thích bondage dau (because he hates being tied down)! :P

  2. ROFLMAO @ Trau's comment :D

    Em ga'i to Aries, hai anh em choi voi nhau cung hop phet. Co`n cu`ng nha' to bay gio cung co' 1 em Aries (ten cua em ay co' 2 tu trung voi ten bac Linh), nhung minh ko phai la sagittarius :-D

  3. Hai tu la dde^.m va ten hay la ho. va ten ha bac?
    Tra^u: How about the other being tied down :P.
    The em Peny la gi the? Ma dung la minh chua quen ai la Aries ca nen cung chang biet Aries co pham chat nhu the nao, ty nua phai doc lai va tu gio de y xem sao.
    Chinh ra to quen nhieu ban Scorpion phet, ca giai lan gai, the ma theo Horoscope nay thi hoa ra quan he giua minh voi cac ban ay rat te^., disastrous :D

  4. Co' em la Leo day anh a =)) hehe, anh xem the nao :))

  5. Ờ, bác Linh nhắc tớ mới nhớ ra là mình cũng quen với nhiều scorpio, mà toàn là nữ thôi, khoảng 10 người :-D Mà chẳng quen ai con trai là scorpio cả, lạ thật. Hay tại vì cùng scorpio mà cùng giới tính đụng nhau chắc tóe lửa, khác giới tính thì ... 8-}

    Mà cái này có vẻ nói ko đúng lắm rồi, ví dụ về quan hệ giữa scorpio và sagittarius đây (nguồn ở một chỗ khác, hihi)

    Scorpio with Sagittarius . . .
    Intuitive Passions

    ScorpioWhere Sagittarius is spontaneous, Scorpio is calculating. Where Sagittarius is light, lively, impulsive and imaginative with an idealistic approach to life, Scorpio is deeply serious, a planner with a secretive and intuitive approach to life. Sag' is outgoing, friendly, loves festive occasions and will easily carry a conversation into the wee hours. Scorpios are more aloof, they quietly wait for others to come to them.

    So many differences work well with these two. Sag' is the right prescription for Scorpio. The archer has the enthusiasm that Scorpio can ride along on. Sag' can bring Scorpio out of himself (herself). In return, Scorpio can add endurance to the fickle Sagittarian. These are two intelligent and capable people with spiritual natures who can gain a lot from each other. Understanding is necessary and Scorpio needs to learn how to leave the leash at home.

    Romantic Love Compatibility
    Scorpio & Sagittarius

    If a Scorpio and a Sagittarius want to make a love match, they should be warned to slow down, take their time getting to know one another on a deep, significant level or else they run the risk of getting way ahead of themselves. This relationship could be over before either partner even realizes it's started if they're not careful! Their patience will be very richly rewarded. Sagittarius thrives on change, on the new and the exciting and on the power of positive thought. Scorpio just wants to get closer and strengthen emotional ties. Early in the relationship, Sagittarius could feel hemmed in by Scorpio's rapt attention and high expectations for love. If Scorpio can control their emotions, these two are in for satisfaction and excitement.

    Both Scorpio and Sagittarius see each day as an adventure (or in Scorpio's case, a compelling mystery) and as an endless opportunity to explore, to probe, to learn. Shared escapades bring them closer. While Sagittarius may get fed up with Scorpio's stubbornness and inflexibility, Scorpio could be thinking their Sagittarius mate is just a little too hotheaded. They'll enjoy learning together, and travel could be very beneficial for this pair. Their relationship is always on the go!

    Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio, and Mars and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Mars is the God of War, opening the door for Scorpio's determined, courageous character. Mars, when combined with Pluto, represents rebirth and renewal. Jupiter focuses on philosophy, higher learning, expansion, optimism, luck and travel. These planetary attributes -- of growth, expansion and masculine energy -- combine to create a sustainable relationship of mutual admiration.

    Scorpio is a Water Sign, and Sagittarius is a Fire Sign. Sagittarius is the spontaneous partner, heading in the direction their whim leads them, while Scorpio's motives are more subdued, less easy to read. Even if they run into misunderstandings or misinterpretations of each other's motivations, crisis can be averted. If these love mates agree that their relationship is significant, their devotion and affection will see them through.

    Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, and Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign. Both of these love mates can multitask like pros, keeping each other's interests at heart, juggling birthdays and special dates with family obligations, but it really takes Scorpio's follow-through to get anything finished in this pair. Sagittarius gets the urge to jump around from project to project, so Scorpio's stick-to-it-tivness comes in handy. Lucky for Scorp partners, Sagittarius notices all the work their mates put in -- and they definitely show their appreciation when they know it's needed. Scorpio can be stubborn, exacting and demanding, so this mate needs to give their Sagittarius love their personal space and time for their own interests. Scorpio leads Sagittarius' ideas fruition, even if Sagittarius has lost interest and moved on. So they're not all work and no play, Sagittarius comes through with their knack for flexibility, a positive quality that sometimes wins out over resolute determination.

    What's the best thing about the Scorpio-Sagittarius relationship? The security and flexibility they can give one another. Once they open up to one another and to appreciate their different philosophies in love and in life, these two have potential for steamy relations, deep connections and heartfelt respect. As long as they communicate and celebrate their differences, theirs will be a passionate relationship.

  7. Doi voi Scorpio thì cung nào cung táng duoc het, boi vì Scorpio look for fun mà! ;) Anh Linh du*`ng vì may cái horoscope re? tien mà lo*~ ma^'t nha^n duyen nhé, gì chu*' may cái khoa?n bondage voi female Scorpio là chuyen nho, chi? so*. anh khong có suc mà chieu thoi! Khong tin anh cu hoi Peny di! ;)

  8. Chie^`u gi`? ;)

    A. Linh: hom qua em dua list cho anh roi con gi? Toan nhung em xinh xan ma lai available nua chu. Cha'n anh!!! Kho' chie^`u qua'. Thoi, ban Trau, anh Hieu co co don thi qua MN nay choi :)

  9. Em Peny xem có ai Cancer ko thì giới thiệu cho anh với, vừa đọc xong ... phê quá :-D

  10. @Giang: My pleasure :D. Hay luc nao minh thu*? xem co work out nhu horoscope noi khong di :P.

    Em Peny xem lai co dung la Scorpio look for fun nhu Tra^u noi khong di? Neu dung thi bao anh nhe. Noi dua the chu to nghi Sagittarius moi hay look for fun con Scorpion thi nguoc lai, nhung ma nghe noi la Scorpion passionate in sex lam, to mo that day :"> . Cac Scorpion o trong nay (Hieu, Peny, Tra^u confirm lai duoc khong). ;)

    The Cancer co dac diem gi khien bac Hieu phe^ the day?

  11. To cung hong biet, thay astrology bao la hop voi scorpio thi` phe^ thoi :D

    Uh, scorpio du'ng la God of Sex roi, ca'i do' ko phai ban cai :> Ba'c Linh muon biet thi` nen tim mot em gai nao scorpio de tu mi`nh kiem tra :P Oi the hoa ra Trau cung la scorpio a`, lan dau tien minh duoc biet 1 male scorpio day, hihi.

  12. O ma minh con hop voi Pisces nua, hihi, the nay chac truoc khi lam quen phai hoi em co' sun sign la gi`, rising sign the nao de tra so xem co hop hay khong mat :-D

    Ma` ba'c Linh co' kua em scorpio na`o thi` canh giac nha', ghen du doi day :P

  13. Ma em ga'i to cung la Scorpion, to thay hop nhau day chu. Ma the nao, to cung quy' cac ban Scorpion phet, co le vi cac ban ay hoi doi nghich voi Sagittarius.
    Quy' ca cac ban Leo va Germini nua ;).

  14. Hihi … em co' mot va`i co ban Aries day, anh can khong, de em gioi thieu cho ;)

  15. Can can can :D.
    The em Hanoihessy la gi the?

  16. Em Hanoihessy là dzai. Anh Linh suong nhá! LOL!

    Btw, em cung có nhieu ban Scorpio lam, ca? dzai lan gái. Nói chung cho*i rat ho*.p tính, chac vi có nhieu diem giong nhau, tu cooking habit den tính tình. Còn cái chuyen king of sex thì chac là em phai vote 1 phieu dong í voi anh Hieu thoi! :">

    Scorpio hop voi Cancer va Pisces la dúng dó, esp. in long-term relationship, co`n short-term thì ai mà cha duoc, dang nào mà chang break up, rite? :-P

  17. dzai la` dzai the nao, ban Trau nham roi day :)

    Anyway, em khong o nhom high compatibility voi anh L roi, cha hi vong gi, hix :(

  18. O* kie^`u nu*~ hessy cho to*' xin loi nhé, ta.i vì to*' thay có 1 nho'm nha?y hiphop! ;)

  19. O, the chu Trau tuong chi co con trai moi nhay hiphop ah?
    Cuoi tuan vua roi xem chuong trinh van nghe don Tet cua sinh vien Viet kieu truong to, cac em gai VN nhay hiphop trong hay phet.

  20. I think we should make a dedicated website for scorpios? So they have a place to praise eachother, hehe. Maybe a scorpio party to ... rule the world :))

  21. Wow, ong anh minh me boi toan ghe. Female with Sagittarius sign thi hop voi cung nao ha anh?

  22. O tren co ca female ma em. Cung giong males, hop voi Aries, Leo va Sagittarius ;)

  23. Em là Aries đấy, a typical one luôn ;-)