Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Đại học VN bị 'tư duy cổ hủ kìm hãm'

Trong số báo mới nhất với nhiều bài nhận định về giáo dục Việt Nam, báo Chronicle of Higher Education của Mỹ nhận xét hệ thống đại học của Việt Nam
tiến bộ chậm chạp và không khác gì so với 20-30 năm trước.
Nguyên văn bài báo


  1. Linh, it would be great to hear your own thoughts on education in VN and US, since you've seen both systems.

  2. I guess plenty of people have talked about it. It's also well said in that article. So the problem here is really how to change the current education system to make it more practical and effective.
    My suggestions, limited to higher education, will be

    1. Drop the compulsory Marxism subjects. They are boring, outdated, time-consuming and hypocrisy.
    2. Encourage private universities.
    3. Increase the flexibility and autonomy of universities in their policies.
    4. Increase international cooperation in higher education.
    Of course, these suggestions are nothing new. I think most of them are in the reform direction of the Government. The thing is how they can be followed given the severe constranits for policy-makers, such as dropping Marxism compulsory courses will endanger the ideological purpose.

    Regarding my own personal experiences, I almost learned nothing when I was in my undegrad studies in VN. Sometimes, I regret that time when I almost did nothing, just sitting around, chatting and sleeping in classes.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. One of the best essays on VN education that I've read is by Nguyen Dinh Dang (http://rarfaxp.riken.go.jp/~dang/) at talawas:
    http://www.talawas.org/talaDB/suche.php?res=5590&rb=0501 .
    You probably know who he is; I really admire him; not many Vietnamese like him: accomplished in both physics and art. If only he could be minister of education and implement his ideas!

    By the way, I read in one of your earlier posts that you're doing grad work in economics at UofM? I didn't know you majored in something as "kho^ khan" as economics? :D From your blog, I thought you were a literature major!

  4. :-) Anh Linh lang man. va yeu to quoc, he nay co ve ko anh?

  5. @Vietpundit: I think Economics is interesting, not "kho^ khan" ;). But admittedly, I didn't read a lot of Economics as I should :(.
    @loveaubul: Yeu to quoc xa xoi qua, anh thich yeu bo` U'c thoi :D.
    He nay anh khong ve, cuoi nam chac anh ve, em ah.